My Bucket List

  1. Visit Paris
  2. Visit Amsterdam
  3. Visit New York
  4. Visit Las Vegas
  5. Visit Los Angeles
  6. Visit Disney World
  7. Visit South America
  8. Visit Tokyo
  9. Visit Sydney
  10. Fly first class
  11. Go skydiving
  12. Go scuba diving
  13. Go white-water rafting
  14. Swim with dolphins
  15. Swim with sharks
  16. Stand under a waterfall
  17. Jump off a cliff
  18. Go skiing on real snow
  19. Save someone's life
  20. Graduate from university
  21. Break up a fight
  22. Get arrested
  23. Drive at more than 100mph
  24. Drive a Ferrari
  25. Ride on a motorbike
  26. Fly in a helicopter
  27. Learn how to fly a plane
  28. Learn how to shoot a gun
  29. Learn how to surf
  30. Take part in an endurance event (e.g. triathlon)
  31. Raise £1000 for charity
  32. See Leeds Rhinos win the Challenge Cup
  33. See one or more of The Beatles live
  34. See Elton John live
  35. See Cher live
  36. Sleep under the stars
  37. Sunbathe topless
  38. Witness a solar eclipse
  39. Get a tattoo
  40. Get my ears pierced
  41. Take part in a protest march
  42. Donate an organ
  43. Donate 50 pints of blood
  44. Learn sign language
  45. Attend a film premiere
  46. Appear as an extra in a film or TV programme
  47. Have a letter published in a newspaper
  48. Act in the lead role of a play
  49. Sing in front of an audience
  50. Have a song dedicated to me